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Finished Chapters ....

Finished Chapters -


"You are a sick IT professional. You are a bi***. I will kill your entire family. You will see them dead." and the phone hanged.

She cried after listening to his words. His statements made her cry and she collapsed. What was her fault?


Let's go to the flashback. She was waiting for happy days to come. She thought one day, may be one fine day, she won't be abused or threatened if she asks what she wants. She was waiting for him to show her true love. The true love for which she is waiting from eternity. Now, when she knows he is not the right man, she wants to walk away. She wants to live her dreams. She was ambitious, she is still. Her degrees and hard work brought her here. She wanted to live this life. Yes, he was a part of these dreams, but only a part. She left her place to achieve the freedom she was looking for. Coming from a loving family who were bit possessive about her (as she was the only and first girl child of the family), she always took their possessiveness as spying. But, is this shit created by her own. No. It was him who kept her away from family. Although he cannot keep her physically away from them, but it was the distance between hearts. She craved for love. She was obsessed by his words. It was not month's time that they were together. It had been years that he is disrespecting her, abusing her, treating her as a property, and cursing her family for no reasons.


She wanted to be out of this relationship. Yes, "Relationship". Where two persons are connected as one and it's called a relation. Not a blood relation but yes something beyond that. Something that whose knots are tied by God. This is what she felt. But, for one who wants his partner to serve him..physically, mentally, emotionally, financially....for him "relationship" means "using".


"A girl's place lies in her husband's feet. They should never forget that this is the rule not from today, but, from the time man and woman are brought to this earth." He kept repeating this always whenever she said "No" to anything, whenever she wanted to deny the act or statements. But, this is what she received in return.


She was tire d. She lost her health. She lost her real self. But, she knew, she will be free one day. She prayed to God that please marry me to a "Human". I can't live with an "animal".


She knew their marriage would never take place. She always forgive the guy. But, was he appropriate to be forgived? Did his deeds can be taken respectably? He was cheating on her with random girls. He was playing with her emotions. He asked for money for his survival and personal needs. He asked for her savings. He asked her to bring money from home. He made her thief at her own place. He satisfied himself physically whenever he felt like.


She was helpless.


Today, when shouting at him, when raising her voice not only against him but his desires, when saying him that get out of my life, when she is carrying all her self respect and throwing him out of her life, she has felt an achievement.

It is now that she is breathing. The atmosphere is pure and so is her heart. Now the heart is pumping royal blood because it has left all the emotions behind. The baggage she was holding from years has left her shoulders. She can walk straight. She can now see into other person's eyes because it doesn't carry any shame or guilt. She can feel her body leaving his touch's feeling just like a sweat after lot of hard work to get rid of something or to achieve something. She turned beautiful. Her hair are open after years as its not the hands that are pulling her ponytail, its the fingers of the man moving in her hair whom she found for lifetime.


He holded her hand during this entire journey of getting rid of an insect that sucks your blood (actually your life).  He calls her "beautiful". He calls her "strong". He loves her and actually loves "her". He has nothing to do with her curves, but with her eyes and her soul because he understands that it is them who does all the talking. It is them who knows how to love. She was looking for happy days. She is now a "happy girl". Now, she has find her "Soulmate". And yes..."They look perfect together <3 ."


It is your wish when you want to be out of something. Do not let anybody rule over you. It's your life. "One life". You are not anybody's slave. You are here to be treated with love and respect. Be with someone who loves you. Make the unworthy chapters in your life to turn to finished chapters. Live. Breathe. Smile.


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