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Does Happiness Mean Being Happy ??

People say, “Happiness lies within you.”

But is it true? Who doesn’t wants to laugh and enjoy every moment? Who doesn’t love smiling and see their lives with all good emotions and people. A satisfied life…which gives you reason to live…which gives you something to be proud of…

Here is a story of a girl…who had a drop of happiness in her life and even that drop spilled after some time..

It was a magical story. A girl, who didn’t had any happiness within but had dreams that were too high. Her experiences in the past made her bitter in her life..not with others but with her own self…she was polite and always helpful to others…she used to be a gem…everybody wanted to live her life…atleast her day once…but she knew what her life is all about…Their were days when she doesn’t wanted to even get up…their were nights which made her feel the loneliness…this loneliness was from inside…she was blessed with loving parents, caring brother who always looked up to his sister…enjoyed her company…but nobody knew her pain…she was holding a mask that was perfect to hide her real emotions…to the world she was charming…but to her she was “looking for the real charm”. She wanted to enjoy her life to the fullest. She wanted real love…real happiness in her life!

One day, her prayers got answered..She found her prince charming from nowhere…he just appeared. He gave her immense love…immense happiness and now she was “complete”. She thought that she is blessed. She has received what she was looking for. This guy was her world. Her days and nights were devoted to him. Every single breath she had his name…every single thought she was to be his forever.

Time takes your tests and this was always true in her case. She was tested each day…each moment. Somewhere, the guy got busy…Meetings were planned when possible. Calls were exchanged after almost every 2hours. Maybe…this is enough in a relation..may be this much time is enough for a relation. Then, what was missing? It was again the girl’s happiness. She again started her complaints…she was sad and unhappy again! This was not the fault of the guy. This was not the fault of the girl. Then what was it. Her expectations? Maybe.

Her happiness never lied within her. It was attached and retrieved from the people she was emotionally connected to. She knew she is ruining her time, her career, her love life, her days & nights. But, she was helpless. She tried..tried..tried and failed. This was not her..but this is what she is now. She tried but she couldn’t succeed. She lost! Not only the battle but herself!

The people she never looked back or even when they crossed her…she started noticing them..their moves…To her surprise she was lost somewhere..she was no more charming…everybody was in a better state then hers. This time it was difficult for her to hold that perfect mask again. Because his guy has let her found her real self which was above all. Now, to hold the mask again would also not solve the need. She would be caught, she knew this well.

Her emotions and sadness was visible in her face. The girls around were happy that they had no competition. They made her realise what she is lacking in her life. Everybody was showing off to her that what they have in their life. It killed her from inside.

Again….its the pillow that knows her stories where she sheds her tears. Again its the darkness that she is surrounded with. But this time, she has something beside her who knows that she needs love because she loves that thing in return, hugging it tightly, kissing it all over and after her eyes are tired of crying…she sleeps with this thing beside. This thing is the “cute teddy” gifted by him!

“Sometimes life brings you to a place where happiness is carried in the name of someone..moments with someone…love from someone…sometimes its that ‘Someone’.”

May God bless everybody with what they call and mean Happiness!

Comment below what makes you happy😊

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